Things I Love About Yoga

The Stretching!

When many people think of yoga, they think of super bendy people. So many times you hear people say, “I couldn’t do yoga, I’m not flexible enough…”
The truth is, when you go to yoga, you increase your flexibility in a safe way. So, when you find yourself in a bendy position for you, and you have the optimal alignment, it just feels like bliss.
One of my favourite things in the world is when you go to a yoga class and you were feeling stiff, sore, hurt, and/or bound up and then through the various movements you lose all of that. After savasana, you just feel like a new you! Another fun side effect you can get from stretching is pops and cracks. When this happens, you can be sure that you just took your body out of a misalignment and (hopefully) are putting it back into good alignment. The more you practice in this way, the more flexible you become and eventually you can find yourself in the “pretzel” shapes that yoga has come to be known for. That’s why I LOVE stretching!PicsArt_1389122517520

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