Tip of the Month

Use Coconut Oil!


Have you hopped on the coconut oil band wagon yet? If not, you definitely should, you will not be disappointed. Let’s start with the obvious, cooking. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that olive oil isn’t actually a great oil to cook with. Olive oil is full of healthy goodness, but it has a low burn temperature, this means that if you throw some olive oil on a pan and pan fry whatever it is you’re going to eat, it is highly likely that the oil will burn. When it burns it loses all that healthy goodness and actually can create some not-so-healthy toxins and you wouldn’t even know it. So coconut oil is wonderful for pan frying because it takes a higher temperature to burn it, therefore it maintains it’s healthy goodness longer. If you’ve heard about the fact that using oils for pan frying can be harmful and choose to use ghee or water instead, you can actually add the coconut oil after the fact when the food is still hot and let the oil melt and absorb into the food so you get the most benefit from the oil possible (same goes for olive oil). From an ayurvedic standpoint, coconut oil is soothing for many dosha types (constitutions), it’s wonderful to use if you tend to feel hot most of the time because it is can create a cooling sensation. It has a pleasant taste if you wish to use it for oil pulling (discussed earlier this month) which can reap for you many health benefits (whiter teeth, healthier gums, etc.). Coconut oil is so healing for your skin, all that healthy goodness can be absorbed through your skin, repairing dry skin and actually helping with acne, exzema, rashes, etc. You can even use it on your scalp if you’re experiencing a dry, flaky scalp and/or hair strands. Coconut oil is a lot safer than many moisturizers which contain numerous chemicals and weird ingredients which cannot be pronounced. In fact, in my experience, coconut oil works better at moisturizing than many and most of the store bought moisturizers. Give coconut oil a shot and fall in love with it as much as I have!

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