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Sesame Oil


Sesame oil has got to be my favourite oil that I use frequently. During one of the yoga trainings I did, we were learning about Ayurveda, and sesame oil came up (since the season was changing from summer to fall). We learned that sesame oil has warming components and is therefore great for use in the fall and winter, unlike coconut oil which is cooling. Depending on your dosha, sesame oil could be the perfect oil for your constitution. We learned about oil pulling, which I spoke about in a previous post, sesame oil is great for oil pulling because not only is it warming, so it makes you feel cozy, but it also draws toxins out. We also learned that using a dropper to put sesame oil in your nose is fantastic for your sinuses. I have been putting sesame oil in my nose everyday since and it has made such a difference, particularly over the winter when it starts to get more dry in the air. To be clear, I’m talking about the cold pressed raw sesame oil, because there is also a lot of toasted sesame oil products in stores, stay away from those ones (particularly if you are oil pulling or putting the oil in your nose). The best way to tell is by colour, raw sesame oil is a light golden colour whereas toasted is a darker brown colour. More benefits of sesame oil include: healthy skin, decreased risk of diabetes, lowers blood pressure, heart health, cancer prevention, bone health, arthritis relief, respiratory health, antiviral, and antibacterial. All of these benefits are the result of compounds that are found in sesame seeds and oil such as zinc, copper, sesamol, manganese, an assortment of vitamins and other minerals. For such tiny seeds, they are packed with super nutrients, plus they taste pretty good. I love everything about sesame oil and I highly encourage you to try it out!

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