Tip of the Month

July’s Tip: Have a Tea Bath!


Everyone knows that drinking tea is great for you. There are tonnes of health benefits, from antioxidants to fighting free radicals to being heart healthy, etc. So many of us drink it all up throughout the day, but why not try it a different way. Tea baths are becoming a “new thing”. Our skin is the biggest organ on our body and theoretically if consuming tea has all those benefits for us, why wouldn’t absorbing tea through our skin give us the same or very similar results? I was right on board with this as soon as I heard about it, but after some quick research, I was unable to find a whole about it. One comment that was common throughout all the things I read, tea baths are deeply relaxing! So, to my knowledge there is not a whole lot of proof of the benefits of tea baths, but I would think it’s similar to the principles of an Epsom salt bath. Putting the salt in the bath to infuse into the water gives you a chance to allow the bath water and all the goodness it’s infused with to absorb into your body through your skin. The properties in the Epsom salt are great for muscle soreness, so for a tea bath, I feel like you would absorb the benefits of the particular tea through your skin. Give it a shot if it sounds interesting to you, I know I’m going to!

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