Tip Of The Month

Drink Warm Lemon Water


Did you know that the key to health is through your digestive system? Essentially if your digestive system isn’t working to it’s full capacity, then there is food that is stuck inside of you, spoiling. Ever hear of “gut rot”, that’s what it means. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’ve been dieting and exercising, how come I still have a belly?” or, “I’ve been dieting and exercising, how come I’m not seeing results?”
First of all, it’s my firm belief that we should all stop using the word “dieting” because your diet is what you eat everyday, good or bad. When people say they are on a diet, it’s associated with calorie counting, minimizing food intake, numerous fad diets, etc. etc. etc. Our diet can be changed to be more optimal for your health, but being “on a diet” assumes there is an end date.
Back to the lemon water, if you have said those tings to yourself before it is highly likely that you’re experiencing some form of gut rot. This is where the lemon water comes in. If you drink warm lemon water at least every morning before breakfast, this will stimulate your digestive track. The warm water will open the channels of your body (think hot yoga principles here, the room is warm so your muscles relax more easily, same hing with warm water). The citrus of the lemon will basically chisel away the stuck food and get everything flowing better. Some describe the feeling of drinking warm lemon water in the morning as drinking a glass of sunshine or having a warm hug on the inside. This can be explained by the fact that lemon is high in potassium which gets your electrical transmissions in the body stimulated. It sends a message to your brain and nervous system which clears away the fog. The nervous system needs these messages to keep the heart functioning well, so lemon water also helps with your heart health, that’s right it can even lower blood pressure! It can also reduce uric acid, lower the phlegm in the body, and alkalize your body, helping to stave off infection and disease.
So when should yo have lemon water? Every morning after you brush your teeth, but before breakfast.
Can you have lemonade instead? The results would be less optimal. The best way to take lemon water is to have the water at least be lukewarm (but warmer preferably) with a generous squeeze of a fresh lemon (and skip out on the sugar)
Can you have it more often than just before breakfast? Of course! You could have it before every meal, or if you really love it, try replacing all water you drink with a lemon water for awhile.
Try it out and see how quickly you notice a difference!

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