Welcome Yogi Mama!

Recently I have been very bad with blog updates, I’ve been super busy teaching the wonderful Stretch Love Yoga students!
So, my mom decided she would love to share tips, philosophies, and ideas to help you grow your yoga off of the mat. So, welcome yogi mama!!!


PicsArt_03-07-01.03.07“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Stretch Love Yoga, I am a Yogi Mama helping out my Yogi Daughter!
Recently I have been trying to apply the philosophy of Stretch Love Yoga into my everyday life. I am a pretty open person, but as I thought about it, I figured if I stretch my mind a little further, I am going to become even more open (Just like a yoga pose!).
It’s true, try it!
If you are faced with a problem, stretch your mind and it may open up to more possibilities. Be open and breathe the stress away, try a bit harder and the answer or solution may pop right into your head!
Afterall, practice makes progress, and not just in your physical practice!