Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Do you ever feel like your life is on a treadmil?
As if you are automatically repeating the same routine?
Almost as if you are living groundhog day over and over?
We must pull ourselves out of our rut and strive for something that puts us in the present. Of course, we know that yoga is an excellent wake up call!
We can be so scattered in our thinking or just be on autopilot, so why not try something thta makes you really focus. Something that you really love and it will be like a lightbulb going on and you will see everything brighter and be more joyous. But of course, you must be aware and try not to fall into old patterns. If you focus and make a conscious effort to remain joyful it is worthwhile. We have to respect this beautiful life we`ve been given and not waste it on trivialities.

Yours with a Joyful Heart,
Yogi Mama


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