Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Morning Everyone!
Did you watch the Superbowl (or the Halftime show) this past Sunday? What an inspiration Lady Gaga was!
I was completely mezmerized and scared for her when she was on the roof.
She is such a consumate perfformer that she can perform on a roof and we wouldn`t notice a difference from when she`s performing on good ole terra firma!
Then when she took that dive!! I certainly had butterflies in my stomach!
I think thta was the best Superbowl performance ever, at least that I have seen!
The light show was tremendous too, did you know that the lights in the sky were drones?! What a creative use for them!
This morning when I was doing the treadmill, I was so uninspired, but then I thought of Lady Gaga and all she did for her fans. what if she was feeling under the weather, had a cold or even achey muscles? You would never know, she just gave an extraordinary performance!
Thatt is my lesson for the day. Push through and the results will be fantastic!
Another lesson learned, my yogi daughter has been a devoted fan of Lady Gaga`s since the beginning, I would say she has got a great taste in music and role models!
Enjoy your day with confidence and a belief that you can accomplish the impossible!


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