Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Namaste All!

Do you ever feel enraged abut something?
Is it because you feel helpless and used?
What are some ways to take control of the situation and have some power over circumstances?
Should we just give in, suck it up & take one for the team?
Should we exert our own will at the expense of the other person or should we compromise?
Why does compromise sometimes feel like defeat?
I think it is all in your prespective. Does your defeat help the other person?
Should that be seen as a victory for you?
Are you just being stubborn if you insist on getting the win?
Does it make you feel good or bad?
Sometimes it is really hard to turn the other cheek, sometimes it makes you SEETHE.
IF you can do it with grace you may be on the way to becoming a better person.


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