Yogi Mama’s Thought of the Day

HI All!

I was just reflecting on how time flies. It is already hot outside and it feels like I just started my garden.
Is there anything nicer than going to a nursery and smelling all of the beautiful fragrant plants? I had geraniums hibernating in the basement all winter, planted them in the spring and they are now in full bloom giving off a beautiful aroma!
The blossoms in the fruit trees have come and gone and now fruit is ripening or ready to bare. All of these things lift my spirits and bring out the inner farmer in me.
There is something about working in the soil, it can be such tough work, but it is so satisfying!
So with this hot weather, don’t forget to water the plants and take care of your own needs as well!
A few yoga classes after gardening will take care of the creaking knees and aching back.
So remember: Keep Supple and Garden on!!


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