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Offering yoga classes to Burlington, Oakville, AND Hamilton Ontario

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Open your heart, stretch a little further. Feel what you love, love what you feel.
When you stumble, just keep breathing. Keep drawing back to your centre.
And when all else fails… Stretch & Love

Why Choose Stretch Love Yoga? Offering private yoga classes involves a certain level of conscientiousness and flexibility. It calls for flexibility of body and mind, schedule, sequence, and community. In our society it is so easy to get stuck, stuck in your views, ways, jobs, lives, bodies, and even your yoga practice. For these reasons, I feel it is so important to help bring flexibility to the lives of everyone who is open to it. In order to bring flexibility to various communities, we need to be nurturing and compassionate. My classes celebrate the individual or individuals. I offer a variety of yoga classes that centre around my clientele. I build the sequence around what it is my students hope to gain. I take great care to nurture my students while fostering a challenging practice. I stretch and love so that you can too!
Mission: To make yoga accessible to everyone who wishes to practice.
Desire: To help my students feel comfortable in their own spaces and bodies.
Vision: To make yoga a regular part of anyone’s daily and weekly routines who wish it to be.
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