Hi! My name is Devin Garcia and I started Stretch Love Yoga about ten years ago.

My aim back then was to provide private yoga classes to people who didn't want to practice in a big group setting. Back then most yoga classes were quite large and you could feel a bit lost in the sea of students. My aim was and continues to be, to make yoga more accessible. Times have changed as we all know, and while I still offer private classes, I have shifted to a more online approach!

I have well over ten years of teaching experience, teaching to very large groups, smaller groups, semi, and private classes. My flexibility tends to attract students who are looking to increase their flexibility and range of motion.

I love to learn and have worked on my 200-hour teacher training, 500-hour teacher training, aerial yoga teacher training, and prenatal and postpartum teacher trainings. I have also done so many workshops, there are too many to count!

Yoga and teaching yoga is my passion and I feel strongly that you can never learn too much!