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My goal with Stretch Love Yoga is to make yoga accessible.

Whether that means making yoga more gender accessible, financially accessible, time accessible, etc, I strive to create a way to make yoga for anyone who wants to dive in!

I hope to help you on your yoga and flexibility journey, Namaste!

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Beginners and well-versed practitioners need safe and easy-to-follow instructions to reach their goals, but make it fun, right?!

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See What My Students Have To Say

Andrea D.

Yoga Student

I started doing yoga with Devin with a few friends of mine and it was so fun, most of us are still doing it together today, years later. More than just fun, Devin has some good ideas on how to progress further in your practice. Never would I have thought that I would be someone who could ever get into scorpion pose (if you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it, I'm impressed with myself for being an out of shape 37yr old who could do it lol) and I have had a lot of fear getting into this and other poses but Devin has always been really kind and helpful so that I have been able to progress in my flexibility goals (I feel like most of us don't even do downward dog correctly until being scrutinized by a teacher and some practice!!). She's friendly, funny, fun, and non judgemental - a good teacher for those who are more advanced or those hesitant to even start, like I was. Bring some friends, you'll be glad you did 😉

Joanna S.

Yoga Student

Devin has way of really connecting with her students with a down to earth approach and relatable coaching method. She takes the time to learn your strengths, weaknesses and limitations, along with your goals to develop a plan to accomplish them. She is genuinely interested in understanding any health concerns in order to work to build/regain strength while ensuring you are not pushing yourself beyond your means/causing further injury. Devin has worked with me at my most physically fit phase to encourage me into poses I didn't think I could achieve, during my pregnancy with appropriate modifications and now working two jobs with a busy toddler, I am so grateful to have Devin's online teachings to keep me moving!

Vanessa D.

Yoga Student

I've been Devin's yoga classes for 10+ years now and she's helped me reach new goals every year! She's helped me achieve the splits, drop backs, and arm balances - and maybe most importantly, really reduced my back pain. I had to move to another province for work, but now that she has on-demand content I can keep up with my practice on my own schedule. I'd recommend her to anyone, modest goals or advanced!